Why with us?

Why with us?

There are at least ten reasons why Nepal Media could be the best decision you could ever make for your web design, graphics and online presence needs:


COMPATIBILITY:Starting from the beginning, we aim to tailor any product or service as per your needs. A client cannot fail to see your website because it is not compatible with a particular browser.

QUALITY: The commitment to industry standards and quality is reflected in our Quality Management Policy. When we finish a project we have total confidence that the customer has the web page you want. We will not stop until you are satisfied with our work.

CREATIVITY: It's in our blood! We never stop looking for new ideas for design, improving business systems or online marketing. True fact: clients have abandoned their initial website domain names because we offered better ones.

HONESTY: We do not make hidden charges. We pay our creditors in time and expect the same from business partners. If we cannot do something, we will admit it and advise who will be able to help. Honestly, we can even recommend free online solution if you are in need of!

LOCALITY: We are committed to local economy and providing jobs for local communities. Also, what can a person in another continent know about branding without having experienced the local market?

FLEXIBILITY: We are available to work at your time and we do not want the payment to be a problem to carry out projects. We are flexible to work with and even in payment matters.

FAMILIARTY: Learning is what we do on a daily basis. IT industry changes at a very past phase and we always want to stand at the front of the change or even better - be the ones who introduce change!

FRIENDLY: We relate to our clients from the very beginning and like to keep in touch to offer support for their business progress and personal successes. We want to build long-term relationships instead of short-term. Most of our clients are now our friends. We enjoy this approach and of course we never say no to coffee!

PROFICIENCY: We can and do hand code most of the time. With this knowledge comes the ability to fix any errors in lines and lines of code quickly and easily. We may love the design we just created for you but you may not. We won't be happy until you are happy and we keep on working until you love the end result.

PUNCTUALITY: We aim to deliver on time and use our best skills, knowledge and experience in everything we do to meet the project deadline.


Beside this you may consider us for some following reasons as well.


Accessibility: Web sites that we design can be viewed by not only users but search engines who love valid, clutter-free coding.

Functionality: We don't code our links in Flash or Javascript so we don't prevent anyone accessing your pages. This error is unbelievably common.

Usability : Our sites are clean, fast loading and lovingly created to allow the maximum profits to be gained.

Sounds good?

Please, give us a starting point to discus on your requirements.

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Nepal Media Network is a professional web designer, advertising agency and reliable provider of digital media solution in Kathmandu Nepal. Our service includes branding, designing, advertising and web services like domain name registration, web design service, web development and web hosting. Phone: +977-14700110 Email: contact@nepalmedia.com Hours: Su 10:00 - 17:00 Mo 10:00 - 17:00 Tu 10:00 - 17:00 We 10:00 - 17:00 Th 10:00 - 17:00 Fr 10:00 - 17:00 Sa Closed
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